Master your assets, give you free time !

Inleaf is a great, Jamf compatible (but not only), SaaS assets management tool. Get your assets in one place, follow their lifecycle, your stock, and get your KPIs in time !

We are JAMF compatible



Centralize your data in one place

Get an unified dashaboard admin where all your users can retrieve your assets informations ! Ask for a custom theme to match your brand identity !



Security is our priority

Your datas are safe ! Inleaf access through SSO, groups permissions to manage users, history logs, encrypted datas stored, 14 days backup, audit logs and more !



Automatize everything

Inleaf has an integrated API which allow you to automatize your workflow ! Create you alerts, generate KPIs, monitore your stock, follow your expenses !

Our services

Work less, do more. We propose a full managed software, hosted, managed.


Native JAMF synchronization

We keep your assets database up to date, follow your assets and users history thanks to our continuous synchronization !


Get Support, let us help you

We provide different support type depending of your knowledges and skills, you can switch from one to another without any restriction !

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Register all kind of devices

Even if we provide a Jamf native integration, we allow you to use other device management systems so you can have all in one place !

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